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Exam 2016

                               Award winning ceremony 

                                                     Date : March  4th  2017 .  Saturday  10 am
                                 Venue : Khan House Foundation, Nalta, Naria, Shariatpur.

Guests :

Chief Guest : Sanjida Yesmin (UNO, Naria, Shariatpur)

Special Guests :

(a) Mr Golam Faruk (Secondary Education Officer, Naria, Shariatpur)

(b) Mr Jahangir Hossain (Upozila Education Officer acting, Naria, Shariatpur)

Chairman : Mr Mosleh Uddin (Headmaster, Panditsar High School, Naria, Shariatpur)

Exam 2016

We congratulate the successful students and thank all the participating students, their parents/guardians teachers and patrons of The KHAN HOUSE FOUNDATION for their utmost co...
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