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Khan House Foundation is completely a non government, non political and non profitable organization working to inspire education countrywide starting from Naria thana since 1998. Members of the family of Vill : Nalta, PO : Chakdha, Naria, Shariatpur, Bangladesh will become the Members (click to see the list) of Khan House Foundation by born. And no other alternate ways exist.
Funds : Khan House Foundation is run by the donation of its own members only. It does not accept* any kind of donation from outside. Mr. Gias Uddin Ahmed Khan, the finance secretary of Khan House Foundation is the first donor.
*exception : A good amount of scholarship is awarded in memory of Mr. Anwarul Haq, Village : Sureshwor, Naria, Shariatpur by his successors. We are grateful to them.
What we do :
(a) We offer scholarship (Class IV & VII) on the basis of merit of a competitive exam held under our direct supervision. This is our main activity. The idea of this kind of activities was first introduced by Mr. Gias Uddin Ahmed Khan, the finance secretary of Khan House Foundation. Generally the exam is held after the schools’ annual exam. All materials related to exam are available in this website.
(b) People will get local and foreign scholarships related information from our website.
(c) We publish your school’s any achievements in the website if we are informed.
(d) We feel happy to provide technical help (if needed) if anyone wants to start another scholarship scheme like we are doing.
Question and answer script : We have a very efficient and skilled exam committee having the ability to prepare question papers and to check the copies (answer script). Also we have some well-wishers (some reputed school teachers in our locality and in Dhaka) to help us. Normally we collect more than one set of questions. Then our Examination team moderates (necessary change) those questions and make a final copy of that question paper. From now anyone can send question to us by post or by email. In this way anybody from anywhere in the world can be a part of our system. All necessary things including Question format and syllabus will be available in our website after April.
About other Organizations : We encourage (under our limitation) all kinds of activities which inspire the education in our country. If any scholarship offering institute (or if any school) wants to publish their news/achievements into internet through our website we will appreciate that. Also if they need to advertise their Job Vacancy in internet, we allow their job advertisement in our website at Home > Career page. If you have a school and you want to have your own website, you can have it free of cost. All our services are absolutely free.

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Exam 2018

Result 2018 We are proud to announce that the result of Examination 2018 is prepared and published within the timeframe Alhamdulillah. Thanks to KHAN HOUSE FOUNDATION team for their efffort. We congratulate […]