Result 2018

We are proud to announce that the result of Examination 2018 is prepared and published within the timeframe Alhamdulillah. Thanks to KHAN HOUSE FOUNDATION team for their efffort.

We congratulate the successful students and thanks all the participating students, their parents/guardians and teachers.

The Award winning Ceremony will hold on 9 of March 2019.

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Bristy Akter, Class 4, NariaPosition: FirstSaldha G.P SchoolDurjoy Halder, Class 4, Out of NariaPosition: FirstS.D.S Academy
Mahima Khan, Class 7, NariaPosition: FirstAbul Kalam AcademyNiaz Morshed Nahin, Class 7, Out of NariaPosition: FirstPalong Tulasar G.D Govt High School


ClassSchools RegisteredStudents RegisteredStudents AttendedScholarship AwardedScholar-ship (%)Successful SchoolsFull Quota
Gr AGr BTotal
Naria IV3912811313274035.39202
Out IV1969526121834.62101
Total IV5819716519395835.15303
Naria VII2195779172633.7614
Out VII74130471136.673
Total VII2813610713243734.5817
Total IV+VII8633327232639534.93473


NariaOut of Naria
Abul Kalam AcademyA-1, A-7.Palong Tulasar G.D Govt High SchoolA-1, B-6, B-8 B-9.
Naria B.L Model High SchoolA-2, A-5, A-8, B-17.Jajira Mohor Ali High SchoolA-2, A-3, B-5.
Noshason G.P And Jr.High SchoolA-3.Shariatpur Govt.Girls High SchoolA-4, B-7. B-10, B-11
Bhojeswar High SchoolA-4, B-10, B-21.
Naria Pilot Girls High SchoolA-6.
Sureswar High SchoolA-9.
Panditsar High SchoolB-11B-16,B-19 B-26
Dr.K.A.Jalil High SchoolB-12
Majid Jarina FoundationB-13
Nowpara Public High SchoolB-14, B-15, B-18.
Shaheed Smrity High SchoolB-20, B-24.
Haloisar Nandansar High SchoolB-22.
Shaheed Nazrul Girls SchoolB-23.
Kartikpur High SchoolB-25.


NariaOut of Naria
Saldha Govt.Primary SchoolA-1, B-15, B-34.S.D.S.AcademyA-1, A-3, A-5, B-8.
Naria Model Govt. Primary SchoolA-2, A-7.Scholar Valley K.G.A-2.
Shishu Maitree Biddya NiketonA-3.Sreejonsheel BidyapeatA-4, B-10.
Abul Kalam AcademyA-4,A-9,B-20,B-29Jajira K.G.A-6, B-9, B-15.
Nabarun K.GA-5, B-18, B-36.Bhartaisar Govt. Primary SchoolB-7.
Blue Bird Pre-CadetA-6,A-8,A-12,B-25North Koarpur G.P.B-11.
Prem Tola Govt.Primary SchoolA-10.Manik Nagor G.P.B-12, B-16, B-18.
Darzipara Govt.Primary SchoolA-11, B-22, B-38.North Dubaldia G.P.B-13
Dingamanik Govt.Primary SchoolA-13, B-16.40,Kashavog G.P.B-14.
Begum Latifa K.GB-14.B.K.Nagor K.G.B-17
Morning Sun K.G.B-17.
Panditsar Govt. Primary SchoolB-19, B-24.
Darus Salam ModelB-21.
Kartikpur Govt.Primary SchoolB-23.
Kalargaon Govt.Primary SchoolB-26, B-28.
Dhalipara Govt.Primary SchoolB-27.
Sureswar Provati K.G.B-30, B-32, B-35.
East Naria Govt.Primary SchoolB-31, B-37.
Kalargaon Provati K.G.B-33
Manakhan Govt.Primary SchoolB-39, B-40.

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Class 7, Naria:pdfhtml
Class 7, Out of Naria:pdfhtml

Examination 2018

This is to inform that we have started our activities relevant to the Scholarships Exam 2018 already. You should get all the latest information and downloads from here in this page for this year’s exam.

We are sending out the invitation letter and registration forms to the schools. In case you did not receive (or missed) our letter, you can still attend the exam. Just download the documents from here, print them, fill it up properly and send them to us.

Invitation letter for 2018
Registration Form for Exam 2018