Results 2019

We are glad to announce that the results of the Scholarship Exam 2019 have been published. Please see below a summary of the results and then scroll below to find the links to download pdf results for different classes.

Summary of Results 2019 (Class 7)

Summary of Results 2019 (Class 4)


Class 4 Naria

Class 4 Out of Naria

Class 7 Naria

Class 7 Out of Naria

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Exam 2019

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Dear candidates, Khan House Foundation Admin panel is now working for the Scholarship examination which will be placed on December 2019. Exam dates,venue and exam schedule will announce soon In Sha Allah. […]


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Exam 2018

Result 2018 We are proud to announce that the result of Examination 2018 is prepared and published within the timeframe Alhamdulillah. Thanks to KHAN HOUSE FOUNDATION team for their efffort. We congratulate […]